LP GAS Cylinder Valve

(MT-68 Series)

LP GAS Container Valve of Worldwide Accepted Standard

(MT-85 Series)



500Kg Container Valve
LP GAS Bulk Container Valve



Safety Coupling
Float Level Gauge with ALARM SYSTEM



Filling Valve
Screw-end Stop Valve



Screw-end Ball Valve
Safety Valve for Pipe Line



Globe Valve
Ball Valve



Check Valve



Safety Valve

Emergency Shut-off Valve

(Hydraulic Type)



Emergency Shut-off Valve

(Pneumatic Type)

Emergency Shut-off Valve




Bypass Relief Valve
Excess Flow Valve



Sight Glass
Rotary Level Gauge



Float Level Gauge
Slip Tube Type Level Gauge



Ball Check Valve
Magnet Float Level Gauge



Transfer Valve for TANK LORRY
Internal Safety Valve



Y Type Globe Valve
Oil-Pressure Pump



Hyper Cryogenic Valve



Loading Arm