Specify marked MT-Valve for your needs of the valves for the fluid service of Low Pressure and High Pressure and of Low Temperature (Hyper-cryogenic) up to High Temperature, and you are assured of the safety, efficiency and dependability.

MT GROUP ORGANIZATIONS have been conducting reseaches and making improvements and developments in the various aspects of our product designes and have supplied our customers with the superior quality products manufactured by our richly experienced engineers backed up with the knowledge and experiences acquired by us during many, many years of our services to the high pressure gas industry circles as well as to the gas consumers since Mr.Tadaaki Miyairi, President of Miyairi Seisakusho Ltd., started the manufature of high pressure fluid service valves in 1950, and Mr. Makio Miyairi, President of Miyairi Corporation, joined him in 1958 to take care of the sales activities, each of them taking the helm of the activity in his field of work. Our products having undergone our rigid quality control have been sold under "Miyairi" brand.
It has become so popular among our customers that they call our valves as "MT-Valve" because our products are identified by our model numbers prefixed with "MT".@We have therefore decided to change our trade mark to "MT-Valve" to match it, and we shall keep on servicing our customers, domestic as well as overseas, with our products under the trade mark of "MT-Valve" that assures the highest level of safety and dependability for use in high pressure fluid service.


Makio Miyairi

Representative Director